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Introduction to Bellydance class: First performance!

I would like to say how PROUD I am of my Introduction to Bellydance class! These dancers came to take their first Bellydance class 8 weeks ago! Only 8 weeks ago!!! And yesterday they were amazing! They were fabulous and brave! This little video shows so much… The dedication that they brought during the 8 weeks period, the determination they had, the commitment to themselves and to each other as a group!

Dancers, you were very beautiful! Your smile, energy and dancing moved me so much… You inspired me! And you showed me again why I love bellydance so much and why this dance has so much power!

P.S. To those of you who have taken this class and haven’t performed: I’m proud of you, too! I know how much energy and love you brought to this class. And your support at the showcase meant the world to the rest of the group. Thank you!!!

Picture credit to Clint Marien

Intro to Bellydance class

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