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Hello, friends: my first post!

I’ve been blogging in Russian for about 10 years! I’ve been changing nicknames, switching platforms, opening my blogs to the public and closing it from everybody, having over 500 followers and switching to a “quiet” place with about 10 followers… I’ve never really had a theme blog, I wrote about everything that was happening in my life…
The other day I was talking with one of my students and she asked me about my experience as a performer – what was my favorite performance, where do I like to perform, what was the most touching performance for me… And as I started to tell her things, I’ve realized how many stories happened in my Bellydancing life! My student told me I should write a book and I just laughed… Well, I don’t think I can write a book or that my stories are that interesting… But I thought I could try a Bellydancer blog (before I write my best-seller book, of course!)?

I would never think I would create a blog in English. English is not my first language, not even my second, neighter third… It’s almost my fourth language! I was born in Moldova and by the age of 2, I spoke two languages – Russian and Romanian. Romanian was my second language and when you watch my childhood VHS tapes, you can’t tell which language I’m speaking better, Russian or Romanian, because I spoke 2 languages on the same level!
When I was 13, my family immigrated to Israel. My whole life changed… I had to learn Hebrew, I started the high school in a totally new country and had to learn the language as quickly as possible, because I had to do all my exams in Hebrew! I haven’t had one person who could speak Romanian with me, so slowly I lost this language (my family doesn’t speak Romanian). So if you ask me today, do I speak Romanian, it’s a disappointment, but no, I don’t speak Romanian (however, I’ve visited Moldova this summer and was surprised how much I actually can understand).

Anyways… Back on track! 🙂 English! I live in the beautiful and maybe a little bit crazy city of Angeles, California. Most of my dancing is happening here in the US and most of my friends are English-speaking dancers. So I thought I’ll give it a try and start an English blog! 🙂
I hope I won’t drop this idea, because not only I can “store” my bellydance stories in one place, but I can also practice English that way! I know I’ll keep writing if I have my friends helping me by commenting my posts and participating in this blog life. So now I would like to ask you for a favor – please follow my blog and be active 🙂 I know, I know… I’m asking too much in this era of Facebook and Instagram. But I’ll still give it a try and hope I can be interesting enough for you to reply to my posts!

That was kinda long introduction, wasn’t? 🙂

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