Happy New Year!

Oh, these days before New Year… When I, like the rest of the world, summarize my past year… I really try not to make any new plans these days, these days are for thinking, learning from your experience, letting go and forgiving yourself for mistakes. The biggest goal of all – not to judge. I’m trying to exclude the thoughts like – “I wish I would do it differently…” or “Too bad I didn’t know it before…” or “Why did I spend my time doing this…” or (one of the worst): “If I would start this or that at the beginning of the last year, can’t image where I would be now…“. Everything is a lesson for a next time. 2014 will be different, with a little more experience than in 2013 (and, of course, less than in 2015!) 🙂

But today I wanted to write about something else. I actually wanted to share my memories about the New Year celebrations from my childhood. It’s interesting how crazy it gets before Christmas here in US and how everything slowly goes back to its rhythm after December 25th. In Moldova everything begins around this time! I was born and spend my childhood in one of the post Soviet Union countries where the biggest and greatest celebrations were on New Year’s Eve! And we would have the holiday fever before NYE, the same as here people do before Christmas (it would start around December 20th though, not like here right after Halloween 🙂 ).
Everything was about New Year’s Eve! We didn’t call it Christmas Tree, it was a New Year tree… And our Santa would come with presents on December 31st (Christmas is actually happening January 7th, but it wasn’t that big of a deal)… And we used to have big dinners with our families before midnight and go out and celebrate on the streets after 12:00am! We sang songs on the streets, hugged strangers, visited all friends in one night… And literally, literally celebrated a-l-l night long!
The snow would always fall on December 31st and it was magical. There were powerful chimes coming from Kremlin in Moscow (it would be translated on TV) right at midnight when everybody were making a wish and drinking champagne! There is a tradition in post USSR countries – to write your wish on the piece of paper and when the chimes of Kremlin ring, you should burn it and put the ashes in your glass of champagne. If you do it all and drink your glass during the chimes, your wish will come true! How many times I saw my family and friends do it!.. This midnight minute is so magical and powerful, you can see tears in people’s eyes.
It is just the best day ever! And I hardly remember things from my childhood, but I remember the celebrations of New Year very well! You could grew up in different cities and countries (of the post USSR), but we all had the same traditions, food on the table, movies on TV… It made us feel very united. That’s why this night was also so special…
I have a secret dream – one day I’ll celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Moscow, at the red square! I would also do it in New York, but hey, no offense, there is just no place on Earth to celebrate New Year’s better than in Moscow!

Since I’ve started to bellydance, I’m very blessed to perform every New Year. I don’t get to celebrate this childhood holiday as I used to when I was a kid, but thanks to dancing and performing, this night remains very magical for me! No matter what year I had before it, the last night of the year and the first minutes of the upcoming year, I spend dancing! Isn’t it a dream come true?..

Here is a throw back to my first NYE performance – December 31st, 2006! 🙂
New Year's 2006

Haifa, Israel. It’s not a house party, it’s actually a nice restaurant 🙂 And Santa Claus, of course!
New Years' 2006, Santa Claus

Well… I can explain this boring black “costume”. I was young, not experienced and, you won’t believe it, very shy 🙂 I hope that audience forgave me for this “costume”! Lol!
NY 2006

In Russian you say: “Snovym godam!” (Happy New year!) and “Snovym shast’em!” (Wish you a new happiness!). And I would like to wish all of you a great and prosperous new year full of dancing, magic and love! And, of course, wish you a NEW happiness 🙂

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