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Introduction to Bellydance

I love love love blank notepads! They make me excited and inspired. I start a new notepad every couple of months, because it’s a sort of meditation for me – to re-fresh, to re-start. Need I say how much I love the first days of a New Year with its resolutions and motivation?! 🙂 This year the New Year’s Day was combined with a New Moon, so you can only imagine how far I can take it!

Have you ever noticed how many people go to the gym on Mondays? It’s all about this promise you give to yourself – to start a new life on Mondays, New Year, etc… Only few of these promises survive 🙂 That’s why my favorite class, Introduction to Bellydance, falls on Monday! You can start your new life every Monday!

Introduction to Bellydance is my favorite class because of so many reasons. Besides the fact that it keeps me focused on my technique and lets me drill moves over and over (there is a Russian saying “Repetition is the mother of learning” 🙂 ), this class allows me to meet new beautiful dancers! New people always make me fall in love in Bellydance again! I see new eyes lighting up, excitement and a little timidity… First Bellydance class is like a first good date, when you just get to know someone but already so excited for the next time. And there is no better feeling than seeing someone dancing in the circle, after 5-8 classes, especially when you, as a teacher, remember how shy your student was on the first date in the first class.

Add one more resolution to your 2014 list – keep promises to yourself! Start doing something you always wanted to, but delayed it and came up with new excuses for why not… If you ever wanted to start Bellydancing, the doors of LABA are always open and I personally will be there to guide you through this process. Come dance with me on Monday nights at 7:15pm. If it’s you first class ever or if you want to go back to basics, you are always welcomed here. If you need more details about this class, please click here.

…As for the new notebook 🙂 I got this wonderful Date book that reminds me: Everything you can imagine is real! And the mantra of January will be: Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly!


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