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About Fusion

To tell you the truth – I’m not a big fan of Fusion. I mean, don’t take me wrong, I can dance fusion sometimes myself, but it’s not my favorite. I think, Fusion is very popular in the US where people like “show bellydance” and are always hungry for new dance “effects”. I do like the fusion of Flamenco and Bellydance (Andalusian), Tahitian with Bellydance, Samba and Bellydance… Maybe anything that’s about hips, circles or big skirts? 😉 I don’t know. But I do think you should be very careful when you start mixing dances.

I personally don’t like when bellydance is fused with something completely opposite. It’s like eating chocolate and pickles together 🙂 Here is my example: when I was young (long time ago!), 18 years old, I think, I had danced bellydance to Scooter’s song “Fire“! I mean, that is wrong! 🙂 Don’t ever do that!
Please, experiment and always try something new, just to see what works for you, but just don’t bellydance to Scooter!

Ok, I’m getting closer to the point with my long introduction! 🙂 My friend and business partner, Stefanya, was teaching a very cute Samba-Bellydance fusion for the past 3 Saturdays (we have Bellydance Choreography class on Saturdays). And it was very fun to dance! Considering how I usually feel about Fusion, this one was very organic. I think it’s the most important ingredient in creating a Fusion piece – organic mixing!
So catch Stefanya in your city or come to LABA to experiment!
And use organic products when creating your next Fusion! Just remember, no bellydancig to Scooter! 😉

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