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4 Elements of Nature: Bellydance

I was 17 years old when I first found out how Bellydance is connected to Nature and its Elements and since then I saw bellydance in a completely different way! I find it very interesting how dance can be affected by Elements of Nature and how much we can learn about ourselves and about dance through Nature.

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, these are the elements of nature. Each one has an energy and a spirit of its own. Each has its likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses… And each one of them we can DANCE. Nature helps us to bring more awareness to both – our body and soul.

We were born with a lot of knowledge that we just forgot. Nature is always there to remind you how simple things actually are. And I can’t wait to start teaching a new 8 week dance session “4 Elements of Nature: Bellydance” at the Los Angeles Bellydance Academy. The session will start January 8th, 2014. We’ll dance every Wednesday at 7:15pm. The level will be intermediate. However, you can combine this session with “Introduction to Bellydance” and you won’t feel lost!
Explore your Bellydance world and discover something new in your dance that has been there all along.
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In the beginning of 2009, just before I moved to Los Angeles, I created and produced a show in Israel, “The Fifth Element“. I had my beautiful students dancing the elements of nature in the costumes my mother and I developed and made. It was truly an amazing experience and such a beautiful collaboration of so many strong and talented women.

By the end of our session, LABA will be hosting a showcase (March 1st, 2014) and I’m sure we’ll create an unique dance that we can perform with!

Here are some pictures from the show of 2009! I hope you enjoy them and feel inspired! 🙂







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