How to make a bellydance belt from a super market tote bag :)

Ingredients: Desire. Inspiration. Imagination. Red velvet. Super market tote bag.
Level: Beginner. Way far from a professional seamstress! 🙂

Do you know those evenings when inspiration basically attacks you but you don’t have enough tools and materials to make your vision come true? It happens to me all the time! I have so many ideas in my mind right before I go to bed and most of the times I just think to myself that I’ll buy all the “ingredients” tomorrow and make it happen! However, the day after my muse leaves me and I put another idea of mine deep in my closet until the next time…

But not tonight! I opened my material box this evening and saw one piece of a beautiful red velvet material. I need a belt, said my mind. Who cares it’s 7pm, all the stores are closed and I don’t even have enough tools? Nobody does 🙂 Besides, I already have a nice bra from the same velvet, so I needed the belt right away. I mean, immediately! 🙂

The very first thing that I’ve done is pulled out the closet all my belts and realized I don’t have any belt that I can copy from. So I decided I’m going to draw one! It took me some time to create what I wanted. I kept trying my paper belt on and fixing it over and over. Finally I got what I needed!


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