KKatya Malaya is an award winning professional Bellydance Artist based in Los Angeles, CA.

I took my first bellydance class when I was 15! I’m so thankful to all my teachers who were my inspiration…

Born in Eastern Europe, raised in the Middle East and living in the West, with 10 years of professional Bellydance experience, Katya brings both the authentic techniques and the passion that true Middle Eastern dancers have to her classes and performances.

Katya is a certified fitness instructor and graduate of Miri Alon’s Oriental Dance Instructing course. Katya has been teaching bellydance classes since the age of 17, and founder her dance studio and company “Rakassa” in Israel.

In 2009 Katya moved to LA, CA and in early 2011 founded the Los Angeles bellydance Academy.

In 2009 Katya moved to Los Angeles, California. In addition to regular and guest appearances in special events, stage shows and festivals, such as “Paintings” show, Adam Basma Live show, Mega Stars of the Universe 2010, Club Bellydance LA (produced by Bellydance Superstars), Cairo Caravan Festival and many more, Katya was a winner of the Belly Dancer of The Universe Competiton in February 2010 (Champion of the Taxim category, 1st RU in the Drum Solo category, 2nd RU in the Egyptian category and Miss Congeniality.) Katya has appeared on Israeli TV Shows; “New day” and “Seven forty”, numerous international music videos and documentary movies.

In early 2011, Katya and her partner Stefanya (Bellydance Superstars) founded The Los Angeles Bellydance Academy (LABA) in Los Angeles, CA. LABA has been a proud producer and organizer of many big and successful productions, such as Dr. Samy Farag’s (World Famous Middle Eastern Musician) CD release party (2011), Shimmy Scream Tribal Festival (2011), The Middle-Eastern dance concert “Arabian Arts” (2012), Club Bellydance LA (2013), Hafla with Alla Kushnir (2013), and many more.

Katya is a rising star, who combines the rare qualities – perfect technique with Middle Eastern grace and artistry. There is no one who can resist the temptation to dance when Katya is around, taking every performance to the next level.


Katya has been teaching bellydance for over 8 years!

“I started to teach when I was 17 years old… My first students were my best teachers, because they asked me questions and I had to go home and work hard to answer everything. Teaching from such an early age, helped me develop my own style of classes. I’m grateful for all the experience I had.”

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